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In the collective imaginary of the connoisseurs in this world, Mark’s last sentence is one of the most widespread. Many affirm that they do not know who will take the cat to the water in the matter of cryptomonedas, but that the future undoubtedly passes through the chains of blocks. Burgueño also tells us something like this: “We are in a stage in which large companies, such as Telefónica or Ferrovial, investigate private or semi-public blocks. Like the one that the Alastria group wants to set up, or IBM’s, or the one that the R3 consortium set up”.

The increasing appearance of crypto currencies and Blockchain in the media and public agenda contributes to the increase in their price.

To make a parallel, private or semi-public blockchains are like a spreadsheet hosted on Google Drive shared with a permission management: you can decide if anyone sees it but nobody edits it or if only the users we have enabled can access it.

This is where the ICOs come into play: “The advance will perhaps go that way, for the advance of tokens in chains of private blocks. ICOs are curious and atypical because for the first time in the crowdfunding economy, people or companies are allowed to propose projects and allow anonymous people to contribute money to make them a reality. In return, these tokens can be sold in secondary markets that are difficult for governments to control.

Another factor that helps the bitcoin’s price is precisely its recurrent appearance in the media. “More and more media publish related content, so more and more people are interested in buying. A non-technical co-worker asked me about it, for example. The more people want to buy, the more money bitcoin is worth. That’s why I have the feeling that it will continue to rise, perhaps by the end of the year it will be worth a lot more than it is now.

“In the early days of the Internet, people searched with Lycos and Altavista.”

Paco Lodeiro Circular Ribbon

Paco Lodeiro is an investor and founder of Academia de Inversión. From there he teaches investment concepts to anyone interested in making their savings profitable. For him, who has been in the stock market for almost twenty years, Bitcoin is not an attractive investment, quite the opposite. “I discourage investing in Bitcoin not because I think its price is going to fall, but because there is no security whatsoever. It is an asset that has no intrinsic value. For example, if you invest your money in a stock or a bonus, they generate profits. Bond coupons, dividends, etc. They generate, for the holder of that asset, some future income, some cash flows. This type of assets, the cryptodivisas, do not generate any type of future cash flow for the holder. It’s impossible to know what they’re really worth.

“Now Bitcoin and Ethereum are imposed, but that doesn’t mean they are going to be imposed in the long term. When the Internet started, people were looking at Lycos or Altavista…”

Lodeiro is a technical specialist in finance and investment, not so much in cryptodivisas or Blockchain. He does not rule on the future of these, but only remembers the past. “We are living the beginnings of cryptodivisas. Now Bitcoin and Ethereum are being imposed, but that doesn’t mean that they will be imposed in the medium or long term. When the Internet started, people were looking at Lycos or Altavista. Now those are gone. That’s what could happen to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you look at the future of cryptodivisas, you don’t sentence, but you warn. “It’s a risk that exists, it’s something that can happen. Many people invest not because they want to keep their assets and make a profit, but because they want to make a lot of money in a short period of time. When at some point it seems like that is no longer possible, a lot of people will go to withdraw the money and there could be major collapses.

His conclusion is that he doesn’t know how the value of crypto currencies will evolve, but he assumes that they carry too high a risk. What advice would Lodeiro give to anyone considering a return on their savings through an investment? Investing in the stock market. “But with training. Stocks have proven to be the safest and most profitable asset in the long term. If we look back over the last two hundred years, stocks have had a real return of 7% per annum on average. Although many investors, by investing without training, lose money by investing in the fashion company that is only smoke. You have to learn how to select stocks that offer long-term profitability and security.

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