How to Implement AMP for E-Commerce

Want to know how to implement AMP for e-commerce? Check out a few of the best AMP features that can help improve online shopping conversions.

Adding AMP to an e-commerce Workflow, with eBay (AMP Conf ’17)

eBay is one of the first eCommerce players to launch AMP in production. In this video we discuss how to add AMP to an existing workflow and develop in parallel. We dive into why we chose AMP, lessons learned, things that are critical for eCommerce and the challenges faced. We also share some metrics along the way.

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8 Smart Ways to Amp Up Your E-Commerce Sales

#webdesign It’s not enough these days to have a professional looking website to obtain healthy ecommerce sales via your website. If you want to stand any chance of getting some return on your investment you need to look at ways to amp up your sales, beyond a good-looking website. Learn more:

Google AMP for e-commerce

AMP for Ecommerce.

Increase e-commerce conversions rates with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is a natural fit for online retailers because instant-loading, beautiful mobile pages drives user engagement, including conversions, order value, traffic, time on site and much more. Mobile speed is a business must, especially since your customers demand it.

By applying Google AMP pages, e-commerce websites and retailers realize:

– unmatched mobile speed, which is the biggest factor driving engagement on the mobile web

– Increased page rank, clicks and traffic, while reducing bounce rates

– Higher click-through rates from search because the lightning-bolt badge validates the performance of your page to users

WompMobile is a full-service AMP agency specializing in e-commerce and enterprise-level development. From integrating with checkout systems to ensuring customers can chose products in real time, we develop rich capabilities into each AMP page. We can convert any website – no matter how complex – into a stunning AMP experience. Our technology infuses rich capabilities into AMP pages, without sacrificing the user experience or brand alignment.

Building Canonical AMP Sites for E-commerce at AMP Conf 2018

Developer Advocate Ben Morss catches up with members of the AMP team and development community at AMP Conf 2018 to talk about AMP for e-commerce, as well as using AMP components and templates to build sites from the ground up with AMP.

AMP Templates →
AMP as a Library to Build User-friendly Sites →
The Definitive Guide to Building an AMP e-commerce Experience →

0:07 – AMP is ready for e-commerce (Lisa Wang, AMP Product Manager)
1:33 – Canonical AMP templates, a new datepicker and lightbox gallery components (Abby Beck, Google Interaction Designer)
2:47 – AMP and AMP/PWA improve our clients’ conversion rates, CTR, and bounce rates (Madison Miner, WompMobile CEO)
3:47 – Building a canonical AMP site and contributing to the open source project (Jess Anastasio, Buzzfeed Software Engineer)

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