How Hackers May Be Hurting Your SEO

SEOs should be fully aware of the risks posed by website hackers. Learn more about how hacking can severely affect a website's organic performance.

Double Your SEO Traffic?! How to Update Old Website Content to See BIG Google Traffic Results

Are you interested in potentially doubling the SEO traffic coming to your blog posts?

Not only is it possible, but I’m going to share a few examples of articles that I updated and saw major traffic increases to…quickly. Using the strategies that I lay out to update old content on your site, you can likely see results as well.

I review several on-page optimization strategies including adding secondary keywords, adding internal links, adding length to the article, and updating your publish dates.

While I can’t guarantee that your SEO traffic will double, I do believe these are solid strategies that you should be implementing to maximize the results of your website.

Tools mentioned in this video:
– Link Whisper –
– Surfer SEO –
– Market Muse –

Japanese SEO 101 | Learn the basics to generate more organic traffic to your website in Japan

In this video, Kim Ford – our cross-border marketing manager walks you through some basic but essential things when it comes to doing SEO in Japan.

0:0:12 The Importance of SEO
0:0:36 Major Search Engines in Japan (Google & Yahoo! Japan)
0:0:56 Search Engine Design Comparison (Google & Yahoo! Japan)
0:01:17 Search Engine Algorithms
0:01:47 Japanese Keyword Research
0:02:39 Japanese On-Page Optimizations
0:03:26 Japanese Top-Level Domains
0:04:19 URL Structure (Letters vs Japanese Characters)
0:04:59 Conclusion

how hackers hack any website in 9 minutes 6 seconds?!

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A Hacked Website Can Hurt Your SEO

We discuss how your SEO can be devastated by a hacked website. How long does it take to recover from a website hack? Plus, why most hacked websites don’t show obvious signs of hacking (like defacement or other blatant indicators).

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