Facebook Video Tips: 15 Ideas for More Engagement

Facebook video marketing is a great opportunity to create more engaged users, ultimately leading to greater success for businesses.

Dominate Facebook Events With These 10 Tips

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated using Facebook Events, this video is for you. I’ve spent years experimenting with how to make them work (without throwing a bunch of money at them) for my clients. These 10 tips are all pretty simple, and they’re all free!

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How to Work the Facebook Reels Algorithm

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Facebook Reels can be tricky when it comes to engagement. Some of your videos may be getting only 100 views while others are getting hundreds of thousands. Stick around to find out how to get the Facebook Reels algorithm to favor you!

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Why do some of your Facebook Reels get zero to 100 views while others get thousands? 

How do you get the Facebook Reels algorithm to favor you? I’m sharing 5 things you can do to get on the algorithm’s good side in this video so make sure you watch to the very end.

Video Outline
Intro (0:00)
Tip #1: Be Attention Grabbing Immediately (0:38)
Tip #2: Share Your Reel in Facebook Groups (1:35)
Tip #3: Avoid Engagement Baiting (2:18)
Tip #4: Mix Up Trending Audios vs Original Audios (2:49)
Tip #5: Post Consistently (3:56)

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5 (Simple) Facebook Video Hacks

Video outperforms text on Facebook. So, how do you create amazing videos that people want to watch?

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I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you five simple hacks that’ll help you create a popular Facebook video.

Facebook Video Hacks #1:
The first hack I have for you is to use emotions and smile. It’s really simple. But by creating high engaging personality, emotion, engaging with your audience, and smiling, you’ll find that you’ll have a video that’s more engaging, people leave more comments, and they’ll like it.

Facebook Video Hacks #2:
The second tip I have for you is to make sure your videos are at least five minutes long. When your videos are really short you’re not going to keep people on Facebook long. Facebook wants users to stay on Facebook. They don’t want ’em to hop on over to your blog, to your website, to YouTube, even worse. They want ’em to stay on Facebook.

Facebook Video Hacks #3:
The third tip I have for you is to add a description to your videos. Most people when they’re uploading videos to Facebook, they’re picking a cool looking thumbnail, they’re putting in their title, and that’s it. Take the time to write a description.

Facebook Video Hacks #4:
The fourth tip I have for you is to add captions to your videos. Not everyone has their speakers turned on. A lot of people listen to video content while they’re at work. A lot of people are browsing Facebook at work ’cause they don’t want to do their job, and they just want to check out what their friends are doing. So if your video has subtitles, people can then end up reading what’s being described on your video without having to turn on their speakers, or turn on or use headphones.

Facebook Video Hacks #5:
The last tip I have for you is to make sure you engage people. If you tell people to leave a comment, and they leave a comment, it’s going to help your video go more viral. So you know what? Leave a comment. Help me out. Make my video get more views. If you tell people to like your video they’re more likely to like it. If you tell people to share it, they’re more likely to share it. You get the point. You need to create engagement.

By following these five tips, what you’ll find is, you’ll create a Facebook video that’ll perform really well. So thank you for watching. If you enjoy this like, comment, share, subscribe.