7 Reasons More Website Traffic May Not Be Better For Business

Driving traffic to a site is a fundamental SEO goal, but getting more website traffic may not always be good for the business. Here are some reasons why.

5 Free Tips To Get More Clicks & Traffic To Your Website

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Website traffic, it’s something that we all think about. How many people are visiting your site is directly linked to how many leads your business is generating, and the more traffic you have the bigger your business gets. There are so many ways to increase traffic, but how do you know they work? We’ll go over 5 tried and true ways to get more traffic to your site that you can incorporate into your strategy.

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website | 7 Effective Methods | 2020

Lately, you guys have been asking how to drive traffic to your website..well here you go! Check out this new tutorial on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

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So you’ve got a website or a blog up and running, but not enough eyeballs on it?
Well in this video I’ll show you the 7 Most Effective Methods for How to Drive Traffic to Your Website!
And before we get started I want to mention that this is not a one size fits all topic.
There are other videos out there that claim to have the formula for driving traffic to a new website but the reality is that what works for one website niche might not work at all for another.

First it’s important to understand the different types of traffic:
1.Organic (aka Free)
2. Paid
3. Owned

Organic (aka FREE) typically comes from social media or SEO.

What is SEO? Watch my video explaining it!

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Paid traffic typically comes from running paid ads or paying for shouts outs on other websites, blogs, or other social media accounts that have high traffic.
And then you’ve got owned traffic, which is from building an email list and you can drive this traffic anywhere.

The most important thing to understand about getting and KEEPING traffic is:
Content is King & Distribution is Queen! Aka creating valuable content & how you market it.
What is valuable content? It’s writing the most informative and well organized blog post about a topic. It’s making the most engaging Youtube video to teach a new skill. It’s giving the most realistic advice in your podcast. And so on…

So check out the video for some great content ideas, and of course the 7 Most Effective Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Website!


How to Create a Website in 10 Minutes:
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What is SEO? Watch my video explaining it!
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7 Simple Ways To CONVERT MORE Of Your Website Traffic

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Why Pay To Get More Traffic To Your Website?

Why Pay To Get More Traffic To Your Website?
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