20 Proven Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Here are 20 ways to turn high bounce rates into opportunities for improvement that will power your site performance to the highest ranks.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress – 25 Proven Ways to Decrease the Bounce Rate on a Website

In this video, I reveal 25 proven ways to cut bounce rates in half.

Here are the 25 ways to reduce bounce rates in WordPress website and blogs.

#1 No More Than 7 Sentences Per Paragraph

#2 Constrain Your Column Width to 700 to 800 pixels

#3 Use Headers and Sub-Headers to Organize Content

#4 Create List Posts As Often As Possible

#5 Use Black Text on a White Background

#6 Use Georgia or Arial Font Typefaces

#7 Set Your Font Size Between 14pt and 18pt

#8 Set Your Line Height to 150%

#9 Incorporate Bullets with Bold Text to List Key Points

#10 Make Your Posts Visual Stimulating

#11 Use Exit Intent Technology on Your Pop-Ups

#12 Place Your Ads in the Right Locations

#13 Your Blog Posts Should Start Above the Fold

#14 Stock Your Main Navigation With Only the Best

#15 Use Internal Links Within Your Blog Posts

#16 Place Your Best Content at the Top and Bottom of Your Sidebar

#17 Place Compelling Call-to-Action Banners in Your Post

#18 Make Sure Your Site Looks Right Across All Devices

#19 Only Use Essential Plugins

#20 Reduce the Size of Your Images

#21 Use an Effective Caching Plugin

#22 Implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

#23 Choose a Quality Host and Know When to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

#24 Update Your Posts to Make Sure They Are Evergreen

#25 Offer Readers a Content Upgrade as a Lead Magnet

I hope you enjoyed my video on how to reduce bounce rate in WordPress. These 25 way will help you dramatically decrease the bounce rate on a website.

What is Bounce Rate? How to fix it?

Learn more about What is Bounce Rate and How to fix it download Here:

In this video, we will show you what is a Bounce Rate, how to keep your bounce rate low, and have your website visitors stay longer on your website.

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without viewing any other pages. So for example, Someone views your product page and then immediately exits.

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Website Bounce Rate: 6 Easy & Proven Tips to Decrease the Bounce

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20 Proven Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

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